Anne-Marie Jobin

I’ve always enjoyed writing and drawing, but my passion for keeping a personal journal goes back to my adolescence. After studying social work and art therapy, I returned to this passion and integrated what I had learned during my studies. What I discovered changed my life. For the past 25 years, I have been developing this tool which I am delighted to share with you. I’m fascinated by how much this method has become an ally in my personal life and the lives of more and more people.

Anne-Marie Jobin has sold over 85,000 copies of the 7 books she has published in French. In 2004, she founded the Centre for the New Creative Journal.

The New Creative Journal

If, like me, you sometimes feel adrift, or you feel the need to set aside time to reconnect with yourself, the New Creative Journal is a worthwhile avenue to explore. It is a simple, effective method which is accessible to all. By using a dynamic blend of writing, drawing and collage, its main objective is to help us reconnect with our essence and be in better alignment with our true nature.

This in turn leads to greater vitality, more creativity and an enhanced sense of wellbeing. My hope is that the New Creative Journal inspires you as much as it has inspired me.