About Anne-Marie Jobin

Starting in 2004, Anne-Marie Jobin has surrounded herself with a dynamic team of collaborators. Their talents and expertise have contributed to the vitality of the Training Centre, and to expanding the Creative Journal network, particularly in Quebec and French-speaking parts of Europe.

Anne-Marie Jobin

The founder

Anne-Marie Jobin has spent decades exploring writing and self-awareness. She first trained as a social worker and worked 10 years in that field. After completing her studies in art therapy, she realised how much her journaling practice was enriched by what she had learned, especially the use of free artistic expression. As a result, she developed a method called the New Creative Journal with the objective of connecting to self using creative exploration.

In 2004, Anne-Marie established her Centre for the New Creative Journal. She continued her studies by learning a wide variety of approaches, principally in the United States, while simultaneously developing more course content. She is a respected author who has published 7 books in French which have sold over 85,000 copies. In 2022, she published her first book in English, The New Creative Journal: Connect with Yourself Through Art and Writing.

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The Training Centre

Since publishing her first book on Creative Journaling in 2002, Anne-Marie received an increasing number of requests to teach her method to a variety of professionals who were interested in her innovative approach. In 2004, she established her Quebec Centre for the New Creative Journal. Her mission is to continue offering workshops to the public in addition to training professionals.

Starting in 2010, as the demand for training in French-speaking Europe increased, she spent more and more time there. Since then, she has regularly been invited to Europe and to the United States to discuss and teach her method. She has also taught in Mexico. As of 2016, she developed a number of online courses that have made learning her method accessible to more and more people further afield.

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The Team

Many professionals have joined and enriched Anne-Marie’s team. They all offer a structured, whole-hearted, simple and good humoured approach. The following values are at the heart of their work: creativity, vitality, dynamism, professionalism, efficiency, compassion, equanimity and service.

Since 2004, thousands of people have enriched their lives with the New Creative Journal method and many professionals have integrated it into their own practices. Many people who read her books felt the need to explore the method further by taking some of the online workshops she offers, thus connecting with other like-minded people. Many of them then went on to learn how to teach her method.

Anne-Marie Jobin

I consider myself very fortunate to be at the heart of such a dynamic and involved team who share my vision of offering more vitality and self-awareness to participants in order to help them develop their creativity and pursue their passions.
Anne-Marie Jobin


Jean-François Labelle - Executive assistant

Geneviève Ledoux - Administrative support

Chantal Lord - Training support (Quebec)

Claire Hérino

Claire Hérino - Training support (online)

Danièle Kessareff - Training support (France)

Emily Hawkes - Training support (France)

Florence Bertrand

Florence Bertrand - Training support (online)

Hélène Brunet - Development assistant (English sector)

Marie-Maude Fleury Labelle - Training support (Quebec)

Nathalie Hanot - Training support (Belgium)

Valérie Barrois - Training support (France)