The New Creative Journal

La méthode du Journal Créatif ® est une façon de tenir son journal personnel qui est enrichie de modes d’expression visuels et d’outils de créativité.

What is the New Creative Journal method?

The Creative Journal is an innovative way of journaling. This method offers an array of proven techniques to help you access your inner resources, to overcome challenges, and to develop your creativity. It is based on principles drawn from art therapy, psychology and art journaling. It also includes a wide variety of techniques to develop creativity. By combining writing, drawing and collage, the practice guides people in making better life and relationship choices. Anne-Marie Jobin has spent the last 25 years developing this proven method.

Is it for me?

Do you believe in a person’s potential to grow and to be more self-aware of their needs and innate potential? Are you looking for a better way to connect with yourself, your intuition, your yearnings and what matters most to you? Do you like the idea of exploring and playing as a way of maintaining a positive connection to your personal and professional community? The New Creative Journal was conceived with people like you in mind. The New Creative Journal helps you experience a greater sense of wellbeing every day in both your personal and professional life!

Why does it work?

By combining writing, drawing and collage, the New Creative Journal method allows you to combine your rational thinking mind with your intuition and creativity. If you have questions, you will find answers! Also, when you use a variety of these tools, they will guide you to uncovering your hidden potential.

journal créatif

Jeter l’Ancre c’est se connecter à soi-même, pour mieux vivre. C’est là l’objectif central de la pratique du Journal Créatif.

Do you feel like trying it now?

Here are a few of Anne-Marie Jobin’s Creative Journaling exercises to try: