Introduction to New Creative Journaling

Five weeks to learn about New Creative Journaling (NCJ), a special method of creative journaling developed by Anne-Marie Jobin, who has been teaching it since 1998. 

You will have access to videos (1 per week), to exercises to do at home (5 to 6 per week) and to a forum where you can post your questions.

Nothing is live - you follow your own schedule. The lessons stay on line for 3 months after registration.  

The topics : 
Week 1 : The basics; the 3 languages of NCJ; prompts. 
Week 2 : Writing in New Creative Journaling
Week 3 : Drawing in NCJ
Week 4 : Collage and mixed media in NCJ
Week 5 : Combinations and possibilities 

There is absolutely no need to be good at art to participate! The goal is connexion to yourself (process) and not art making (product). 

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