Expand Your Writing With Art

Expand Your Writing With Art

210,00 $

Available anytime / Self-study
8 Week-Course
Anne-Marie Jobin


Using art in simple ways in our journal can give us access to information we can’t find with words alone. Through the language of colors, lines, shapes, symbols and images in many forms, art can connect us more directly to our intuition and subconscious. Combined with writing, it increases the connexions within the brain, which fosters creativity and insight. This is what Expand your Writing with Art is about.

In this online course in eight lessons, we will look at simple ways to add visual elements to a written page, we will learn to get comfortable expressing ourselves with drawing and learn a wide variety of techniques, opening windows in our pages, transforming the raw material of pages into something healing, exploring different kinds of collages, etc.

Offered first at the Therapeutic Writing Institute (Kay Adams), it is now open as self-study and is considered a deepening of the material seen in the introductory course.

You will be invited to explore spontaneously, dive deeply and also to play! No art skills necessary.

Nothing is live – you follow your own schedule. The topics are:

Lesson 1: Creative invitations: the basics
Lesson 2: The world of drawing
Lesson 3: The world of collage
Lesson 4: Containing vs expanding
Lesson 5: Openings : the door technique
Lesson 6: The alchemy of mixed media
Lesson 7: Healing art
Lesson 8: Closing with mandalas

Nothing is live and the course will be open to you for 4 months after your date of registration. No art skills necessary!