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Introduction to New Creative Journaling

The Handmade Life

140,00 $

Available anytime / Self-study
5-lesson Course
Anne-Marie Jobin


The Handmade Life is a five-lesson online course to look at your creative life, stimulate it and help you manifest it in your life. The topics are:

Lesson 1: Taking stock; feeling your creative energy
Lesson 2: Feeling your inspirations; activating your intuition
Lesson 3: Moving forward: getting organized and working with difficulties
Lesson 4: Moving Forward: Finding Allies
Lesson 5: Celebrating your Creativity

No prerequisites! Nothing is live – you follow your own schedule. You will have access to videos (1 per lesson, to exercises to do at home (5 per lesson) and to a forum where you can post your questions. The lessons stay online for  months after registration.

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