Introduction to New Creative Journaling

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Available anytime / Self-study
5 lesson course
Anne-Marie Jobin


This introduction to New Creative Journaling provides you with all the basics of the method in a step by step process aimed at helping you connect with yourself.

Through a series of exercises presented over 5 lessons, you will practice different techniques and explore various combinations which use the three languages of creative journaling (writing, drawing and collage) to help you access your rich inner world.

This course is aimed at teaching you all the basics of the method so you can use this tool independently!

Nothing is live – you follow your own schedule.

The topics are:

Lesson 1 : The basics; The 3 languages of New Creative Journaling; The prompts.
Lesson 2 : Writing in New Creative Journaling
Lesson 3 : Drawing in New Creative Journaling
Lesson 4 : Collage and mixed media in New Creative Journaling
Lesson 5 : Unlimited combinations and possibilities

No prerequisites!

Anne-Marie Jobin presents each lesson’s exercices via video and she is available to answer your questions.

Nothing is live – you follow at your own pace.

Five lessons over 5 weeks.  You have access to this course for up to 6 months.

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