Workshops for Everyone

All online courses can be followed at your own pace whenever it’s convenient for you.  Nothing is live.

Certain exercises may at times resemble those described in Anne-Marie Jobin’s book. More often than not, however, they are different and complementary to those found in The New Creative Journal as well as those described in her many other French titles.

Our online courses consist of videos, proposed exercises (averaging 5 per week), and supplementary questions to deepen the process. Anne-Marie Jobin is available to answer any questions which might arise during the process.

You have access to the complete course content for up to six months after the date that you started the course.  This should provide you with enough time to complete the proposed exercises and even to review them if you wish.

This will vary according to how much time you choose to spend on each exercise.  An average might be a few hours per week of lessons. That being said, you might choose to invest more time in order to deepen the process.  You also have the option of doing the exercises at a later date given that you have access to the course content for up to 6 months after you begin the course.

In the Creative Journal, we use drawing as a way of expressing ourselves rather than producing artwork.  If you can hold a pencil and make simple drawings in your journal, you will be able to benefit fully from this course.